Sawyer Smith for Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney

Sawyer and Leeza Smith, Campaign Announcement,

Bloomfield, Missouri

Republican Primary Election on August 2, 2022

Sawyer Smith for Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney

Sawyer and Leeza Smith, Campaign Announcement, Bloomfield, Missouri

Republican Primary Election on August 2, 2022

About Sawyer

Sawyer Smith is an associate attorney at Mayer Law Office in Dexter, Missouri – his hometown. Sawyer practices criminal law in Southeast Missouri where he has handled cases in seven different counties since passing the bar exam and obtaining a law license from the Missouri Supreme Court. Sawyer has represented clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors and has advocated their constitutional rights in the process of defending their cases. During law school, Sawyer focused on criminal law and criminal practice.

Sawyer began his legal work experience with Jasper Edmundson, a top-rated criminal trial counsel who practiced in Southeast Missouri for five decades. Sawyer then furthered his training through the Missouri State Public Defenders Office where he gained the experience of participating in a criminal jury trial. Sawyer has been working with attorney Dustin Mayer, a former assistant prosecutor, since the time he graduated law school.

Prior to pursuing a legal education, Sawyer worked in journalism and the non-profit sector. One of Sawyer’s articles was published in Newsmax Magazine. Sawyer championed the conservative cause on college campuses nationwide during his time as a staff member with Young America’s Foundation – headquartered in the Washington D.C. metro area. Before joining YAF, Sawyer completed internships in the offices of U.S. Representative Allen West and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

Sawyer was the founding president of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Palm Beach Atlantic University – where he was a student-athlete playing baseball for Coach Gary Carter, a member of Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. In high school, Sawyer played baseball and basketball for the Dexter Bearcats. Ironically, his offseason after-school job was answering the phone and filing papers at Mayer Law Office.

Stoddard County is Sawyer’s lifelong home. He and his wife, Leeza, are residents of Dexter. The roots of their family tree run deep in Dexter, Dudley, Essex, and Puxico. These are places where Sawyer’s family (including his great-grandfather, grandpa, and dad) farmed for generations. On his mom’s side, Sawyer’s grandfather was a police officer, criminal justice professor, and city judge. From him Sawyer learned at a young age the importance of supporting law-enforcement in the line-of-duty and taking a stand for what is right and just. From all members of his family, Sawyer has learned work ethic, humility, and professionalism.

Together, Sawyer and Leeza are passionately involved in serving their communities. They attend Liberty Hill Church in Aid, as well as First Baptist Church in Dexter, where Sawyer grew up attending with his parents. Leeza is a graduate of Poplar Bluff High School, the University of Missouri – Columbia (Sinclair School of Nursing), and is now in pursuit of a nurse practitioner’s degree through Maryville University. She is focused on a career in medical aesthetics and working in local hospital emergency rooms. Sawyer is active in the Farm Bureau, Lions Club, and historic Stars & Stripes organization in Bloomfield, MO, where he is a member of the Board of Directors. Sawyer is a Christian Republican and proud of the fact. He believes the Stoddard County way of living is about God, family, and American freedom. And that a person can never go wrong by putting others before themself.

Campaign Issues

Stoddard County deserves and demands a prosecutor who is 100% focused at the full-time job, truly pro-law enforcement, and professional in the role of being an elected public office holder.

Full-Time Tough on Crime

Stoddard County deserves and demands a prosecutor that is 100% committed and dedicated to the job and does not lack focus.

In 2012 the people of Stoddard County voted to make Prosecuting Attorney a full-time position. The prosecutor’s salary is substantial pay, and so additional career-related undertakings by an elected prosecutor, meant to be full-time, is not appropriate.

As the next Prosecuting Attorney of Stoddard County, I guarantee I will not pursue any side businesses, political projects, and / or unnecessary conflicts of interest that distract away from the prosecutor’s responsibilities and Office that the taxpayers fund so well.

I will never accept full-time pay only to do part-time work. I promise to put you, the great people of Stoddard County first, and work for your benefit, not my own.

I pledge to be 100% committed and dedicated to the job and I will not lack focus in pursuing “Justice For All.”

Backs the Blue

Stoddard County deserves and demands a prosecutor that is truly pro-law enforcement.

The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement official of the county and is the only authority in the county to prosecute violations of state criminal laws. A prosecutor must maintain good communications and good relationships with all law enforcement officers in order to perform duties well.

As the next Prosecuting Attorney of Stoddard County, I promise to “back the blue” and be truly pro-law enforcement by showing respect and support to our brave Police, Sheriff’s Department, and Highway Patrol.

I assure the citizens of Stoddard County that I will be tough on crime and work to the best of my ability with all law enforcement to ensure the strength, safety, and security of our communities. Offenders of our laws will be prosecuted.

I will stand up in the courtroom as an effective advocate for victims, victims’ families, the laws of our state and the laws of our great country.

At all times, I will honor the Constitutions of Missouri and the United States. I will pursue “Justice For All.”


Stoddard County deserves and demands a prosecutor that is professional, ethical, and honest at all times.

I promise to be available, to work well with others, to not abuse power, and to not deceive or divide intentionally. I will be honest and display good character.

I pledge to the citizens of Stoddard County that as the next Prosecuting Attorney, my focus will be pursuing “Justice For All” and providing the best public service to everyone.

With your help, we will begin a new era for justice in Stoddard County, and I look forward to being the change that is needed and that you the voters have asked for.

Announcement For Prosecuting Attorney

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